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Online BSc Nursing Academy in India


Online BSc Nursing Academy in India

Online BSc Nursing Academy in India

Mantram Study Group offers an innovative online BSc nursing academy in India to empower aspiring nurses with comprehensive, accessible education.

Expert educators and nursing professionals curate our courses to provide a deep dive into essential nursing concepts, practical skills, and up-to-date methodologies.

With a focus on flexibility and excellence, Mantram's online platform includes interactive sessions, detailed study materials, and live discussions to ensure students learn and excel in their nursing careers. Join us to transform your passion into a profession with our cutting-edge curriculum.

Contact us at Mantram Study Group, SCO No. 80-81, First Floor, Sector 15-D and also in Sector 34, Chandigarh (Near Gate No. 2, Panjab University Chandigarh – Contact – 9779797575/ 9463049859)


Q. Do I need to take the NEET exam to pursue a BSc in Nursing?

No, the NEET exam is not required for admission to BSc Nursing programs. Many colleges have their entrance tests for this course. You can apply for a BSc Nursing program after completing 12th grade with at least 45% in the Science stream (PCBE) from any recognized board.

Q. Is studying for a BSc more difficult than studying for an MBBS?

While both BSc and MBBS programs have their challenges, MBBS is generally considered more demanding but also more intriguing. For instance, embryology is studied as a separate subject for an entire year in BSc programs, while in MBBS, it's integrated into anatomy and covered more comprehensively and in a condensed format.

Q. Why is BSc Nursing considered a great choice?

The BSc Nursing program is highly regarded because it provides comprehensive theoretical knowledge and extensive practical training. This hands-on approach prepares students well for the healthcare field, offering them the chance to work closely with patients and other healthcare professionals. This enhances their practical nursing skills and prepares them for real-world challenges.