BSc Nursing Entrance Coaching Academy in India

BSc Nursing Entrance Coaching Academy in India


BSc Nursing Entrance Coaching Academy in India

BSc Nursing Entrance Coaching Academy in India

Mantram Study Group is a premier BSc Nursing Entrance Coaching Academy in India, known for its exceptional educational strategies and comprehensive training programs.

We offer specialized coaching tailored to the syllabus of significant nursing entrance exams across India.

Our seasoned faculty provides in-depth lectures, extensive study materials, and a series of mock tests that thoroughly prepare students for exam success.

At Mantram, we focus on developing strong foundational knowledge and test-taking skills, ensuring each student is fully equipped to pursue their nursing career confidently and excellently. Join us to step ahead in your nursing preparation.

Contact us at Mantram Study Group, SCO No. 80-81, First Floor, Sector 15-D and also in Sector 34, Chandigarh (Near Gate No. 2, Panjab University Chandigarh – Contact – 9779797575/ 9463049859)


Q. Which BSc program lasts for four years?

At many institutions, a Bachelor of Science Honors (BSc Hons) degree typically lasts four years. Alternatively, the BSc General degree, which provides a broad foundation in science subjects, also typically lasts four years.

This program focuses on major science subjects such as physics, chemistry, and biology and sometimes includes mathematics and information technology, preparing students with a comprehensive base in the sciences.

Q. Is a BSc degree beneficial for the future?

Yes, a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree offers a solid foundation in numerous scientific fields with significant advantages for future career prospects.

It opens up opportunities in various natural sciences like physics, chemistry, and biology, as well as in fields such as mathematics and information technology.

The diverse specializations available can lead to careers in research, clinical practices, technology industries, and more, providing graduates with a broad range of pathways.

Q. What are the different types of BSc Nursing programs?

There are two primary types of BSc Nursing programs: BSc Basic and BSc Post Basic. To enroll in a BSc Basic program, candidates must complete their 12th-grade board exams with at least 50% marks in Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB), and English.

The BSc Post Basic program, designed for those with a diploma in nursing, has similar admission requirements. This distinction in programs allows for tailored educational paths catering to entry-level students and practising nurses seeking advanced qualifications.