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Best Online NCLEX Coaching Academy

Best Online NCLEX Coaching Academy

Mantram Study Group is widely recognized as the best online NCLEX coaching academy, providing comprehensive training for aspiring nurses.

Their expert faculty employs innovative teaching methodologies and cutting-edge technology to ensure an engaging and practical learning experience.

The academy offers a range of study materials, including live lectures, interactive sessions, and personalized feedback, all designed to build the confidence and competence needed to excel in the NCLEX exams.

With a proven track record of success, Mantram is the go-to choice for nursing students aiming to pass their NCLEX with flying colours.

Contact us at Mantram Study Group, SCO No. 80-81, First Floor, Sector 15-D and also in Sector 34, Chandigarh (Near Gate No. 2, Panjab University Chandigarh – Contact – 9779797575/ 9463049859)

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Q. Can You Pass the NCLEX with 100 Questions?

Yes, it is possible to pass the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN by answering only 100 questions, as long as you meet the minimum requirement of correctly answering at least 85 questions to demonstrate competency.

Q. Is the NCLEX a Multiple-Choice Exam?

While the NCLEX is primarily composed of multiple-choice questions, it also features alternate question types such as multiple-response, fill-in-the-blank, hot spots, chart/exhibit, and drag-and-drop to evaluate a broader range of competencies.

Q. Why Might You Fail at 75 Questions on the NCLEX?

If the NCLEX-RN concludes after just 75 questions, it indicates that the CAT system has determined with 95% confidence that you have either definitely passed or failed based on your responses. Of these, only 60 questions are scored towards your final result.