Know How to Help the Students Cope with Exam Fear

Know How to Help the Students Cope with Exam Fear


Know How to Help the Students Cope with Exam Fear

Know How to Help the Students Cope with Exam Fear

Exams are always accompanied by fear and stress. CBSE exams are around the corner, and students and teachers face the same pressure. Lack of motivation to study is a significant problem students face during this time.

Motivating students is essential because, with motivation, they will be able to retain information and learn properly and effectively. To help students, it's necessary to understand the root of the problem. Lack of motivation is often caused by exam stress and fear of exams.

Here are some suggestions for how teachers can help students cope with test fear and test stress

For teachers, preparing children for exams can be a balancing exercise. In addition to teachers having minimal class time, they also need to decide precisely how much help they should provide their students.

Now that classes are online, teachers must find time to ensure students are relaxed about exams.

Coaching institutes and tutors conduct numerous exams to prepare students for more extensive exams. Here are five great tips for teachers, tutors, and coaching agencies to help students deal with exam fears that will work wonders!

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How to help students cope with test fear

  1. Sense of control

One of the main reasons students face exam stress and fear is because they feel a lack of control. As mentioned before, it is essential to understand the source of the problem and act accordingly.

Test fear and test stress symptoms will help teachers and parents understand what their children are experiencing. One of the first things to do is give them a sense of control.

This can be done by allowing them to set their own goals, asking them to develop their solutions and timelines, and self-assessment methods. Once they feel they have control over things, the fear factor is bound to go away.

  1. Encourage, encourage and encourage again

Many times, students feel frustrated and hopeless. Especially when exams are approaching. A little nudge and push go a long way. Inspire them with stories and quotes. These do have a significant impact on people.

It is said that there are no limits to what you can achieve except the limits you impose on your thinking. Encouraging words from teachers can make students optimistic and help reduce exam stress.

  1. Revision Calendar/Concern Relief Meeting

Students will inevitably have questions and queries, especially when exams are approaching. They may be afraid to ask the teacher at the Nth hour, increasing students' exam fear and stress.

This will help students relax when you specifically structure review and questioning sessions. This will help students clarify their doubts.

  1. Meditation and activities

Exam fear is inevitable. Teachers can carry out various classroom activities to cope with the pressure of exams and get students out of a nervous and chaotic state of mind. They can also meditate and do yoga in the classroom.

This, in turn, will help students improve concentration and concentration. It's like an interdependent process. Students meditate, they become relaxed, and they can study better. They learn better, become less stressed, and become peaceful.

  1. Restore faith in them

"Believe, and you are already halfway there." Most of the time, students give up when there is too much to learn. They think they have no chance and will fail. It is this thought that increases their stress and tension.

Restore confidence in students by telling them that exams are not an un-crossable ocean. Draw inspiration from the second point to encourage them, inspire them with ideas for learning quickly, and stimulate inner motivation. This way, they won't always have to push and push.

  1. Let students know they are not alone

One of the leading causes of exam stress is students' fear of being alone. As a result, they develop feelings of disgust and become unnecessarily agitated, which increases stress.

You may not be able to help them on the exam, but you can certainly support them and show that you're always available. This, in turn, will help students feel confident.

  1. Flip the table

In any case, it is impossible to eliminate test fear. So, you can turn the situation around and use the tension and pressure to your advantage. There is a concept called optimal level of frustration.

This is the state when external pressure is just right. As a teacher, you have the added advantage of motivating your students. This is when you teach students to develop a positive mindset and develop strategies to make the best of the situation.

How to deal with test fear and how to overcome fear in general are frequently asked questions. As discussed, anxiety and stress can reach high levels during exams.

Managing stress is necessary to increase energy and think faster and sharper. Teachers can help students channel exam stress in the right direction.

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