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CSIR NET Practice Test Series, Practice Papers, MCQ, Practice Questions with Answers, Previous Year Question Papers, Weekly Test Series

CSIR NET Practice Test Series, Practice Papers, MCQ, Practice Questions with Answers, Previous Year Question Papers, Weekly Test Series

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The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) National Eligibility Test (NET) is conducted twice a year in June and December to determine eligibility for lectureship and Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) in Indian universities and colleges.

It is one of the most popular exams for aspirants looking for teaching jobs or pursuing a research career.

Proper and meticulous preparation through practice tests, mock exams, and previous year’s question papers is essential to crack this highly competitive exam. This article provides a comprehensive guide to the various CSIR NET practice resources available and how aspirants can best use them in their preparation strategy.

CSIR NET Practice Test Series

Practice test series are very useful for CSIR NET preparation as they simulate the exam environment and help students understand the exam pattern. Some of the best CSIR NET practice test series are:

Testbook Test Series: Contains chapter-wise tests, mini mock tests, complete mock tests, and previous year’s question paper tests. Detailed solutions are provided to understand concepts better.

Gradeup Test Series: Structured tests on each subject, sectional mock tests and three complete mock tests. In-depth analysis of preparation level.

Eduncle Test Series: Subject-wise, topic-wise and complete mock tests. Includes practice questions with solutions. Evaluate preparation through performance analysis.

Embibe Test Series: Adaptive tests that change difficulty level based on student’s performance. The section-wise analysis provided personalized feedback.

Aspirants are advised to take multiple test series throughout their preparation to cover all aspects of the syllabus and get fully exam-ready. Taking these tests seriously by attempting them in real-test conditions is vital.

CSIR NET Model Practice Papers

Model practice papers or sample papers are representative of the actual CSIR NET question paper pattern. They boost confidence levels during preparation by enabling aspirants to gauge their knowledge of each subject, topic, question type, etc. Some sources for the latest CSIR NET model practice papers are:

Official CSIR NET website: Contains last five years question papers across all subjects—most reliable resource.

Eduncle: Full-length mock tests, mini mocks for quick practice and previous papers across streams.

Gradeup: Detailed solved examples of real exam questions along with free mock tests.

Testbook: Topic-wise practice papers, sectional tests and complete test paper sets.

CSIR NET Aspirants should make these practice papers an integral part of their study plan right from the beginning. Solving them chapter/subject-wise is more valuable than attempting random sets.

CSIR NET MCQs, Practice Questions and Answers

Practising multiple choice questions (MCQs) and previous years’ questions with answers help students master concepts, analyze question types/trends and overcome difficulties in particular topics. Some valuable resources for CSIR NET MCQ practice are:

Sanfoundry: 5000+ MCQs on technical and core subjects like Computer Science, Electronics, Mathematics etc. Topic-wise segregation for quick practice sessions.

GATE Overflow: Dedicated CSIR NET previous years’ solved question papers across subjects. Helpful in understanding exam patterns.

Gradeup Green Card: Well-researched MCQs developed by subject experts for in-depth conceptual clarity and exam-oriented preparation.

Embibe: Adaptive practice platform with personalized MCQ tests, revision notes and performance tracking features. Structured tests for focused preparation.

CSIR NET aspirants should dedicate sufficient time to solve subject-wise MCQs daily. Creating your own MCQ bank from previous papers is also highly recommended.

Previous Year CSIR NET Question Papers

Solving the last ten years of CSIR NET question papers should undoubtedly be the main component of test preparation. Analyzing previous years’ papers gives key insights like:

  • Exam pattern and difficulty level
  • Score required vs negative marking
  • Trending topics and question types
  • Weight age of concepts subject and chapter-wise

Some authentic sources to access CSIR NET previous question papers are:

Official CSIR NET website: Contains June and December attempts (2011 onwards)

Gradeup exam prep app: Topic-wise, in the last ten years, solved papers with free downloads

It is vital for aspirants to meticulously go through CSIR NET memory-based previous papers multiple times during their preparation to understand the exam dynamics comprehensively. Maintaining subject-wise notes from past attempts is very useful.

CSIR NET Weekly Test Series

Appearing for regular weekly tests is the best way to evaluate one’s learning amidst hectic CSIR NET exam preparation. Some popular CSIR NET weekly test series are:

Gradeup Weekly Live Classes: Topic-wise live classes with mock tests taken by top educators. Performance analysis to track progress.

Testbook Live Classes: Interactive live sessions including practice questions, expert tips, and doubt resolution support.

PrepOnline CSIR NET Test Series: Customizable weekly/monthly test series covering all subjects as per the latest syllabus and paper pattern.

The critical advantage of attempting weekly tests is that they simulate exam pressure without being too taxing. They also help keep preparation on track through regular assessment. Aspirants should analyze all test attempts properly to identify strong/weak areas.


Through well-designed practice test series, model test papers, MCQs, previous years’ questions and weekly mock tests, CSIR NET aspirants can comprehensively understand the syllabus and paper pattern and develop practical test-taking strategies.

Creating structured preparation plans revolving around these practice resources is the key to maximizing scores in this highly competitive exam. Staying committed through regular, meticulous, exam-focused practice is the mantra for cracking the UGC NET.

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