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Best Institute for Paramedical Coaching in Chandigarh

Being a lucrative career option nowadays, Paramedical courses are in huge demand in the health care industry and hospitals across the globe. To eye and become a knowledgeable expert in the health and allied medical services domain, one has to opt for Paramedical courses for degree or diploma. In India, both 10 and 10+2 pass-outs are eligible to pursue a Paramedical course depending upon the course they choose from a slew of them.

Paramedical Courses:

1.  B.Sc. Medical Technology(Laboratory)

2. B.Sc. Medical Technology(Radiodiagnosis &Imaging)

3. B.Sc. Medical Technology(Radiotherapy)

4. B.Sc. Medical Technology(Operation Theatre)

5. B.Sc. Medical Technology(Perfusionist)

6. Bachelor of Science(Embalming and Mortuary Science)

7. Bachelor of Science(Medical Animation and Audio-visual creation)

8. Bachelor of Audiology & Speech Language Pathology(BASLP)

9. Bachelor of Physical Therapies (B.Ph.T)

Most of the reputed universities, colleges and institution across the country offer Paramedical courses, entry to which is through a statutory exam that one has to qualify. Mantram Academy provides exclusive and expert coaching for Paramedical entrance exam for those aspiring to enter into the fast-growing Paramedical sector. Without falling for the NEET, BDS, and B. Pharma, opportunities are awaiting those eyeing a career in the allied health sector. The cracking of Paramedical entrance exam opens a vista of admission opportunities to some of the iconic hospitals like the PGIMER, AIIMS, GMCH-32, IGMC Shimla and other medical hubs.

An efficient faculty with years’ of practical experience and expertise, our ultimate selling point (USP), prepares the students under its expert guidance and offers coaching to crack Paramedical entrance exam/B.Sc MLT entrance exam. Our highly experienced subject experts train the young and upcoming Paramedical aspirants and provide them with the best guidance for Paramedical entrance exam/B.Sc MLT entrance exam for admissions to some of the high-end medical institutions like the PGIMER, AIIMS, GMCH 32, IGMC etc. The proven track record of maintaining the highest pass percentage over the years speaks volumes of our groundwork and the efforts put in by the institute to preparing them to crack Paramedical entrance exam/B.Sc MLT entrance exam in Chandigarh.

If you are finally prepared to take a leap forward now, the selection of a coaching institute with proven credentials comes first. And, if you are looking for such an institute for coaching in Chandigarh, Mantram Academy offering coaching for B.Sc. Paramedical entrance exam/B.Sc MLT entrance exam is the best bet for you. Being an established coaching academy, Mantram understands better how to deliver its 100 per cent in terms of results. We, at Mantram, ensure a better personal and batch-wise attention to each one of you by offering a conducive classroom study atmosphere with seamless facilities in place at the institute.

Why must you choose Mantram Academy?

Hereunder are a few outstanding features of the academy that justifies our claim to fame for your quick perusal before you take the final call.

  1. A perfect study environment for coaching for B.Sc. Paramedical entrance exam/B.Sc MLT entrance exam and providing the best directional classroom teaching. Besides offering a perfect classroom study environment, we offer classroom discussions, tutorials and also discourage overcrowding in the classroom by sticking to the highest take-in of 25-30 students per batch. This helps us achieve qualitative results.
  2. Result-oriented coaching - Our high percentile results in Chandigarh & Shimla in terms of the number of students cracking B.Sc. Paramedical entrance exam coaching, making us a top rank coaching centre for B.Sc. Paramedical entrance exam coaching in Chandigarh region. Mantram Academy in Chandigarh leaves no stone unturned to prove our credentials and hard in making our students clear the exam. Our result-oriented coaching methodology has earned us a name among our peers.
  3. Structured modules/plan for B.Sc. Paramedical entrance exam coaching/B.Sc MLT entrance exam coaching. We are aware that only a good tutor cannot steer the classroom into success, a proper module/structure or plan for Paramedical coaching class is equally essential. Needless to say, the structured modules for coaching are the bedrock of study planning. Another outstanding characteristic of our success mantra, we have maintained a stricter time-table in consonance with the learning pace of the students.
  4. Expert guidance under the tutelage of an experienced and highly efficient faculty with years of practical experience to credit ensures personalized attention and customized support to each and every student during the course preparation. Through expert guidance for Paramedical exam and a well-organised delivery of content, we prepare our students to crack the B.Sc. Paramedical entrance exam/B.Sc MLT entrance exam.
  5. A well-designed, specialized comprehensive teaching methodology for Paramedical entrance exam are some of the salient features that make us stand out among our competitive peers. The unique teaching methodology for B.Sc. Paramedical entrance exam uncovering every concept - from the basic to advanced level which includes subject special coaching, impeccable guidance, and extensive classroom discussions, mock-tests etc. Mantram also offers special sessions for revision, answering queries, and doubts clearance, et al.
  6. Our online test series facilitating preparation of Paramedical exams are in place, which helps the students in their preparing for B.Sc. Paramedical entrance exam. These well-designed MCQs, full-length mock tests are followed by an extensive discussion and clarification sessions offered on a regular basis. We also make available to our students previous years questions papers for B.Sc.Paramedical entrance exam/B.Sc MLT entrance exam to do a reality check of their preparation.
  7. Inculcating the spirit of time-management among the aspirants preparing for B.Sc. Paramedical entrance exam/B.Sc MLT entrance exam. We create a real exam time situation through mock tests by providing them with question paper and omr sheet etc. This enables the students to conquer the pre-exam fear psychosis and learn time-management to take on the essential B.Sc. Paramedical entrance exam/B.Sc MLT entrance exam.
  8. Study material, notes, booklets of competitive subjects/exams, etc. We, at Mantram Coaching Institute, provide complete and comprehensive study material for B.Sc. Paramedical entrance exam, facilitating the students to come out with flying colours. Our class notes, concept-oriented notes, and booklets are precise to help students in cracking the B.Sc. Paramedical entrance exam.
  9. Class repetition options in place at the institute, which are an added advantage to B.Sc. Paramedical entrance exam aspirants, who have the option to repeat classes with no extra charges till the time they clear the exam.
  10. Proximity to top-rung city education hubs as well as PGIMER

Mantram Academy, located in sector 15, Chandigarh, is just a walking distance from the Panjab University and PGIMER. This makes us an obvious choice among the career freaks as they save their quality time and money spent on commuting.

Meanwhile, our hawk-eyed team of experts always keep an eye on the trends catching up with regard to B.Sc. Paramedical entrance exam/B.Sc MLT entrance exam to remain updated about the ever-changing patterns of the specific exam.

Flowchart of our systematic work –

Mantram study group is known not only in providing the best coaching for competitive exams in this part of the country but has also maintained the streak of high excellence in coaching.

  1. Knowing full well that research comes first of all when it comes to result-oriented coaching. We understand and work strenuously and consistently to achieve our goals by keeping pace with the requirements of a specific exam in mind.
  2. Preparing of a timetable is another feature in the scheme of things that we strictly follow. Our team enlists the trending pattern, notes, study material, practice sheets and other material required, before establishing the procedures, time-table, milestones, to follow in the run-up by maintaining transparency in our work and conduct to the satisfaction of our students.
  3. Finalizing and delivering classroom teaching is the bedrock of our teaching methodology that provides us with an edge over our peers. We deliver our 100 per cent in terms exam-oriented teaching and keep a tab on the trends to relook at our teachings to achieve amazing results. We adopt the multi-media platforms, lectures, tutorials to help the students grasping the concept at comfortable ease. Besides classroom teachings, the students at Mantram Study Group have access to the hand-outs and notes prepared by highly competent professionals, which are useful for them to crack the exam without hassles.
  4. Feedback and issues are something we value to evaluate ourselves. We are open to receive feedback from our students and are ever-ready to fix query/issue, if any, and provide real-time support/ help without delay.
  5. Maintenance of time frame is the linchpin of our coaching system at the institute. Once the stipulated time frame gets over, we continue to look at your worries like our own. We keep supporting you, morally and otherwise, to maintain your learning and retain efficiency till the time you finally crack the exam you aim sans extra charges/ fee, etc.

A high-end qualitative work at Mantram has ushered in a good market space for us. Our remarkable results speak for our dedicated work and efficiency. We believe in attaining reputation by maintaining the work ethics and, of course, the methodology to retaining the best coaching centre in Chandigarh tag.

Mantram Academy wishes to you all good luck for your future endeavours towards your mission - clear B.Sc. Paramedical entrance exam/B.Sc MLT entrance exam!

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