Best and Top Coaching Training Tuition Academy for CSIR NET Life Science in Chandigarh Himachal Jammu Haryana Punjab India

Best and Top Coaching Training Tuition Academy for CSIR NET Life Science in Chandigarh Himachal Jammu Haryana Punjab India


Best and Top Coaching Training Tuition Academy for CSIR NET Life Science in Chandigarh Himachal Jammu Haryana Punjab India

The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) conducts the National Eligibility Test (NET) annually to determine eligibility for lectureship and research fellowship (JRF) positions in Indian universities and institutes.

With a yearly success ratio of 3-5%, proper coaching is vital for cracking this highly competitive exam. Located in Chandigarh,

Mantram Study Group is regarded among the top CSIR NET Life Sciences coaching academies in North Indian states owing to its specialized exam-oriented teaching methodology, highly qualified faculty and consistent student selection track record.

CSIR NET Life Science Exam Preparation Coaching

An Overview of Mantram Study Group’s Legacy in CSIR NET Training

Established in 2007, Mantram Study Group has spent over a decade specializing exclusively in competitive exam coaching, including GATE, ICMR JRF, DBT JRF, ICAR, UGC NET and CSIR NET Life Sciences. Its reputation as North India’s most trusted CSIR NET coaching institute is evidenced by:

  • Good percentage of students qualifying every year against 3-5% national CSIR NET average
  • Hundreds of enrolments so far with students pursuing research careers across India post-qualification
  • Student reviews validating Mantram’s structured teaching, test series rigour and expert mentorship

By elevating students to unprecedented success levels yearly, Mantram has demonstrated consistent training quality and unparalleled exam readiness among peer institutes.

Merits of Mantram’s CSIR NET Classroom Coaching

Specialized domain expertise: Exclusive focus on Life Science subjects training for over a decade

Customized preparation strategies: Tailored to each student’s requirements and improvement areas

Expert guidance: 100% PhD faculty from premier institutions with rich research and mentoring experience

Exam-oriented approach: Materials and training aligned closely to tested exam success patterns

Rigorous mock tests: 15 full-length tests provide answer key analysis to refine exam technique

Student support: Regular doubt clearing, monthly progress reports, achiever guidance programmes

Mantram empowers each CSIR NET enrollee to realize their full potential fully by offering niche specialization backed by proven coaching methodologies.

Subjects Covered under Mantram’s CSIR NET Coaching Banner

In sync with the latest CSIR NET Life Sciences exam pattern spanning over 10 subjects, Mantram course modules provide comprehensive coverage across:

  • Cell Biology: All aspects of cell structure, function, communication, regulation, control
  • Genetics and Evolution: DNA, genes, chromosomes; concepts of inheritance, selection
  • Biochemistry: Biomolecules properties, biological membranes, enzyme kinetics, metabolism
  • Molecular Biology: DNA replication/repair mechanisms, gene expression, protein synthesis
  • Microbiology: Characteristics and reproduction of key microbial phyla and classes
  • Immunology: Components of innate and acquired immunity, vaccines, disorders
  • Botany: Plant physiology and development processes, ecology and environment
  • Zoology: Chordates & non-chordates characteristics, development, adaptations
  • Biotechnology: Cell/tissue culture methods, genetic engineering, industrial applications
  • Biological Effects: Toxicology, diseases, effect of abiotic factors on organisms

The domain spread allows aspirants to specialize in their preferred subject areas under a single coaching umbrella.


Mantram Study Group has emerged as North India’s most specialized academy for CSIR NET Life Science exam preparation. Its niche focus is to deliver targeted exam training via renowned subject experts.

By arming aspirants with domain mastery reinforced by tactical-taking insights, Mantram has proved instrumentation, achieving career breakthroughs for thousands, making it Chandigarh’s most trusted coaching name for cracking this highly competitive entrance milestone.

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